YOU ——–>   Unconventional. Industrious. Bold. Real. Sometimes you eat cereal for dinner.

Being average doesn’t interest you. Making a difference does. And you’ve got plans.

After long days of frenetic soul searching, a few tears and ridiculously brilliant ideas scribbled into a journal, your business was born.


This thing of beauty, refined by many sleepless nights, was going to change the world. Instead, it turned into a bit of a jerkwad, demanding all of your time and energy.

Like a child set loose inside of a Chuck E Cheese, your business is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

That’s why you’re on this page. You’re a bit stuck. Your business needs to stand out and it’s not happening. The message is getting lost.

What you offer to this world is pretty damn incredible, but you’re not sure how to pluck out the best ideas and put them into words. When you sit down to write snappy and engaging content, do you feel like Frodo plodding along the path to Mordor? What should be an easy task turns into a fucking ominous journey. Words aren’t exactly flying onto the page. Your weekly blog post keeps getting recycled to the bottom of your daily to-do list. The thought of writing a newsletter is like a punch to the gut.

You’re pretty sure that telling better stories is one of the keys to building your business. But finding the right ones can be maddening.

What are my stories?

How can I rise above the noise and tell them in an intriguing way?

That’s where I can help.


ME ——–>   I’ve spent my entire life in creative endeavors… writing since my chubby fingers could hold a pencil, evolving a meaningful fitness business, forging a 10-year career in branding and advertising and, now, putting cool thoughts, ideas and stories out into the world.

Throughout it all, I’ve learned that to stand out you must be fearless in your weirdness.

I talk about being weird. A lot.


Weird stands out. Weird is brave. Weird gets noticed.

You see, I think we’re all a little weird. In that commonality, we find a sense of belonging and understanding in the world. We must dig for the weird and find those stories. That’s when magic takes place. Tribes form. Inspiration happens. People act.

Audacious Muse was born from that desire to celebrate the weird that is in all of us. My bold little company inspires and supports businesses wanting to break free from ordinary. Each time I put pen to paper, the intention is a spirited arrangement of words that challenges the status quo, storytelling that captivates, persuades and inevitably sells.

Want to know more about what makes me tick? Click here.


WORKING TOGETHER ——–>   Writers have different specialties, so make sure you partner with a wordsmith that jives with your mission and business goals.

I am a creative writer. My primary focus is creating interesting content and telling better stories for small businesses. I write about real things in compelling ways.

And weird rocks the dance floor every time.

You’re in business to change the world, right? People need to know about you. Now. And I can help. Using the right words and a strong point of view, I can take your company from boring to brilliant.

So, the million dollar question isn’t, “How can I get more business?” but rather, “How can I use the power of words to connect with my People and make my business grow?”

That’s where we start. Let’s be weird together. What do you need help with?