THE 4-1-1



Freelance writer. Thinker. Storyteller. Essayist. Ravenous reader. Wicked-good grilled cheese sandwich maker. Leo. INFJ. Mother. Daughter. Partner. Wanderluster. Minimalist. Lover of geeks. Connector. Oregonian. First Amendment activist. Charismatic nerd. Tattooed. Dreamer. Night owl. Weirdo.



Gumption. Underdogs. Shel Silverstein. Graffiti art. Starry nights. Compassion without judgment. Brevity. Campfire conversations. Bill Murray. Holding hands. True stories. My son. Wes Anderson films. The witching hours. Laughter. Vulnerability. Flowers growing in cracks. You.



Hardcover books. 80s rock ballads. Cheese. Louis CK. Red lipstick. Black dresses. Twitter. Memoirs. Sleeping in. Plot twists. Bacon. Clam chowder. Craft beer. Hiking. Road trips. Black + white photography. Documentary films. Heavy down comforters. Genmaicha tea. Creative time.



Whiskey. Cooking. Facebook. Bullies. Dogma. Gyms. Yard work. Intolerance. Dishonesty. People who are rude to waiters/janitors/cashiers. Celebrity worship. Clutter. Prejudice. Fussiness. Settling. Semicolons. Clickbait. Beauty magazines. Pranks. Wearing socks.



Swearing. Pulling all-nighters. Sticking up for others. Finding just the right word. Parallel parking. Keeping conversations going. Eye contact. Ideas. Asking questions. Getting rid of stuff. Making decisions. Relaxing in bathtubs. Digging deep. People watching. Spelling. Lists.



Being in a rock band. Meeting Neil Gaiman. Kathmandu + Florence. Writing kid goth. Building a tiny home. Giving more to charity. Running a marathon. Infinite courage. Kissing the Blarney Stone. Leaving a $1000 tip. Filming a documentary. A compassionate world.