“Before I found Maisie, I kinda knew what I wanted to say, but I really struggled to get my message over in a concise way. I could explain what I did, but I kept saying “umm” and “err”. Which doesn’t really cut it. I just wanted someone to pop in and pull out the real gems and set them up for presentation.


Enter Maisie. Really quickly she understood what I needed. We had a quick chat on Skype, I showed her my efforts so far and she set to work.


Pretty quickly, she had my first draft over. She checked in at every stage to ensure she was delivering just what I needed. I felt listened to, cared for and understood. At LAST!


You see, I had spoken to copywriters before. They were either a bit dull or way too over the top. I couldn’t find that winning combination of warm friendly and competent. Maisie does this well. I didn’t want my light dulled, and Maisie never did that. That’s why I chose her.


I’m now recommending her to anyone who will listen. I’m already earmarking her services for future use. Knowing I can call on her wordy powers is a massive relief. Thank you Maisie – put simply, YOU ROCK!!!!”


Jenny Jameson, WebTech Wonder Woman