Welcome to Round 2 of my conversation with Jeff Sandquist of Intentionally Wandering. Over the course of 30 minutes, we chat about my rocker chick alter ego, the importance of story, and whether or not to swear in business. And, as expected, we wrap everything up in a big ol’ ball of weirdness.

Click on the image to give it a listen. Enjoy!



rocking the small corners

I love this discussion that I had with Brett Henley of The Mindful Creator podcast about purposeful small corners, moving beyond the hustle and defining how we serve others.

This lively exchange was based on a thought-provoking blog post I wrote: I Wish You Nothing But the Best as You Take Over the World.



FTF project


It was an honor to be featured in the ‘I Found Freedom’ series on the popular website The Freelance to Freedom Project. Click on the image above to read more about how I “gave the finger to the Man” and made the leap into freelancing.



writers rough drafts

I had a great time chatting with Elisa Doucette from Craft Your Content about being fearless in your weirdness, finding your writing sweet spot and, of course, beer. Click on the image to give it a listen!




I loved this chat I had with Margaret Pinard of Taste Life Twice. We covered a strange range of topics… the myth of balance, getting to the “why,” doing your own cool thing + being fearless in your weirdness.

“It all comes back to this: examine your own expectations. Do that deep work. Where are they coming from? If they come from fear, banish them like the Ghostbusters. And if you find weirdness, let it out!”




Jeff Sandquist of Intentionally Wandering is one of my favorite people in the world. I was honored to be a recent guest on his podcast where we had a lively discussion about living as a renaissance soul, dealing with “comparisonitis,” the power of weird and rocking the small corners. Click on the image to give it a listen!